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Classes for Voting Announced / The Forums

The big news this week is twofold: we’ve posted an update on our Kickstarter page with the pool of six classes for backers to vote on for inclusion into the game (yay for duplicate information!) and we unveiled the Pixelscopic / Delver’s Drop forums for all the world to enjoy. These are both things we know people have been eagerly awaiting and we’re exceedingly excited about them.

Hey, kid, you’ve got Class(es)

Delver's Drop classes for voting



You can read the full post on the Kickstarter page here, including larger concept art of each class and some details about their default weapon and special abilities. In short, the classes are from left-to-right: Bard, Templar, Beastkeeper, Huntsman, Assassin, Elementalist. Each of these occupies a special place in our hearts, and it will be really interesting to see which three the community decides should be included. Additionally, we’ll soon be posting an update about the Kickstarter-specific class and the bonus class that was unlocked by a $2k backer. Stay tuned!

The Forums, they live!

Screenshot of the Pixelscopic forums

We unveiled the Pixelscopic / Delver’s Drop forums roughly 36 hours ago, and in that time we’ve had over 450 members register and almost 500 posts… crikey! We’re tickled with indescribable joy that even in their short lifespan the forums already have become home to interesting and insightful conversation. We’ve taken particular interest in the Introduce Yourself thread and getting to know a little bit more about our backers and their real-life hobbies and interests. We’ve also been keeping an eye on several other threads with some very interesting speculation and intelligent conversation about game mechanic ideas. We’ve even setup a spot for some fan art submissions. While we will be setting up restricted access to certain boards when the Alpha and Beta sessions roll around, everything else is open to the public — stop by and visit, we’d love to chat with you there!

Bonus: Devlogs

You may not know, but our lead (and currently only) programmer Coby has a more technically-oriented devlog that he updates over on the TIG Source forums. We’ll be back-porting these to our blog here for archival reasons in the future, but in the meantime you can check out some of the more prototypical progress that has been made on Delver’s Drop since it’s initial creation.

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