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Recap: Kickstarter, PAX East, and the Road Ahead

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything on our blog — the better part of 2 months in fact — because we have been incredibly busy. Like… indescribably so. Unimaginably. But all for good! Here, let me recount what’s been cookin’:

Delver’s Drop Kickstarter:

If you’re reading this you’re probably up-to-date on recent events, but just in case: the Delver’s Drop Kickstarter ended on March 12th after having raised an amazing $150,745 — over 200% more than our baseline goal! To say that we are amazed, humbled, and incredibly thankful would be an understatement. As if that wasn’t enough, we put up a PayPal donation method for fans who couldn’t back through Kickstarter and raised another $5,051!

Because of the massive amount of support we reached the following stretch goals:

  • Linux at launch!
  • Content Expansion: +1 playable class, +1 zone
  • local 4-Player Co-op Horde Mode
  • local 4-Player Competitive Deatchmatch
  • local 2-Player Co-op “Companion” Mode
  • 100-Room Puzzle Labyrinth

PAX East 2013:

Photo from PAX East 2013

All set up before Day 1, taking a short break before the insanity begins.

Immediately after the whirlwind awesomeness of Kickstarter, we packed our bags and headed to Boston for PAX East 2013. We were again proud to be a part of the ever-growing Indie Megabooth and enjoyed a premo spot along one of the main show floor thoroughfares.

We showed off an early demo of the Endless Drop gameplay mode to the hungry masses and it was universally well-received. We had a chance to hang out with fellow devs we’ve met previously and make some new friends in the community. We gave out around ~5k pins. We ate some fresh seafood. It was good.

Photo from PAX East 2013

So many buttons!

As always it was incredibly awesome to meet new people; we even got a few pieces of fan art which were then carefully packaged and brought back with us to Springfield. Chatting with PAXers about our game is exhilarating - we were definitely hoarse by the end.

It was a great time, and we’re looking forward to Prime in Seattle. And now that we’ve survived PAX with only a minor case of the PAX Pox, we’re now on to…


Moving Forward

Our nose is to the grindstone on Delver’s Drop! We’re incredibly excited about working on this game full-time for the first time in its brief history of existence. As many of you know all development on the project has been bootstrapped during our extra time and as spare change allows. Now thanks to all of your support through Kickstarter we get to work 100% full steam ahead. Expect progress to be made much more rapidly, and we’re committing to the following:

Additionally, we hope to post more musings on games and entertainment as time allows — don’t hold us to that though :) Stay tuned for more soon!

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