Based in Missouri

Founding date:
May, 2010


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Delvers Drop

Pixelscopic LLC
PO Box 416
Purdy, MO 65734

+00 (1) 573 225 1445


Pixelscopic [ ˌpik səl ˈskäp ik ] means that every aspect of our work reflects a love of the smallest nuances of the digital medium. Founded on the principles of developing games and user experiences of impeccable quality, we craft otherworldly experiences with passion for subtle aesthetic detail and creative ambitions as expansive as our imaginations. With over 30 shipped titles combined, our experienced team of visionaries forge pathways that drive toward contemporary game design on multiple platforms, while gazing back at the wonders of our shared gaming past. Whether we are expounding epic lore or rewarding simple successes, we want our games to take root deep in the imaginative hearts of our fans.


In the beginning...

Pixelscopic began crafting interactive experiences in May 2010. Founded in Missouri, we were one of the original companies involved in Project Genesis, a local entrepreneurial incubation program which provided office space and administrative assistance. Within its first two years Pixelscopic had become financially self-sufficient, doubled in team size, developed two retail Nintendo DS games, and produced several smaller creative and interactive experiences including Flash games, websites, and animation projects. In early 2012 Pixelscopic began development of Delver’s Drop, its first original video game production. This was the initial step toward the realization of the company’s primary goal — to create games with incredible 2-D graphical prowess that experiment with classic genres, updated and re-interpreted with modern design sensibilities for a variety of audiences and play-styles.


Delver's Drop Official Preview Trailer YouTube


There are far more images available for Pixelscopic, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


The inside scoop!

Pixelscopic uses a proprietary C++ game engine for efficient multi-platform game development. Designed primarily as a 2D game engine, it is built around modern graphics technology using hardware acceleration to produce vivid and pixel-perfect rendering at resolutions up to 2560 x 1600. The engine uses DirectX on Windows and OpenGL on Mac OSX and iOS, and uses PortAudio for high quality sound. The asset pipeline for the Engine centers around a group of proprietary tools for generating optimized texture atlases, multi-part animations with keyframe interpolation, and scene layouts.

The Pixelscopic Crew

Ryan Baker
Co-founder, CCO, Vision Director
Email: ryan.baker@pixelscopic.com
Twitter: ryancbaker
Skype: ryan.baker.pixelscopic

Coby Utter
Co-founder, CEO, Engineering Director
Email: coby.utter@pixelscopic.com
Twitter: rand0mshade
Skype: coby.utter.pixelscopic

Ryan Burrell
Director of Technical Design, Web Development
Email: ryan.burrell@pixelscopic.com
Twitter: rcburrell
Skype: ryan.burrell

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