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PAX Prime, the MEGABOOTH, Delver’s Drop! Oh my!

Gibbering Giddiness

Big things are afoot! This week has seen the release of the updated website for the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth complete with the full roster of game studios and a sampling of the games they’ll be showing. There will be some pretty awesome stuff shown there with more games than you can shake a pointed wooden implement at in a space the size of roughly *one* AAA studio’s normal booth area. We’re going to be packed in there pretty tight and cozy.


Now, I say “We” because Pixelscopic is extraordinarily honored and excited to be included in this powerhouse lineup. Yessiree we’re going to be packing our bags and flying our merry butts to Seattle in less than a week to show of our first wholly original game next to the likes of seasoned indie vets and relative newcomers like ourselves. We attended PAX Dev last year and the first day of Prime but only as observers — what a difference a year makes yah? To show our extreme level of organization I present our travel schedule:

  1. Group A (Baker, Burrell, Coby) leave Springfield on 29th at 12 pm.
  2. Group B (Ankur) leaves Columbia at whenever he needs to.
  3. Group A picks up Group B at Group B’s mom’s home.
  4. Group A+B proceed to Airport — Kansas City, forming meta Group C.
  5. Group C flies to Airport — Denver.
  6. Group C flies to Airport — Seattle.
  7. Group C rushes around like rabid mice to setup booth.
  8. ???

Delver’s Drop

Now, I mentioned this game thing a second ago. It’s kind of a big deal for us. It’s called Delver’s Drop, it’s a 2D action RPG and it has its own website: http://​delversdrop​.com. It also has a newsletter signup so we can send you sweet whisperings of awesomeness as the game gets closer to completion and fulfilling its destiny of greatness — this is something you should do. We’ll be posting more updates about it soon, including game art, a trailer of some form, screenshots, all that good gamified comfort food. Suffice to say for now that it involves scoundrels, a mad king, princesses, mysteries, and a giant hole…

If you happen to be traipsing through Seattle and managed to snag a PAX pass in the two day period they were available before sellout… we’d love to talk to you at our booth! Stop by, ask us about our game, give it a spin, tell us about your pet cat, whatever: Booth #881.

To bring this boat full circle, I’m closing with the Indie Megabooth Trailer of Sheer Joy™. Delver’s get’s its 4 seconds of fame at about 0:47:

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