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Wherein Our Heroes Start A Blog

... and saw that it was good

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How do you begin a series? The normal cliché of journeys beginning with some large number of steps certainly applies to this, our inaugural blog posting. But is there any “right” way to start as you mean to go on? Perhaps diving right in and swimming is the best course of action:

We are Pixelscopic.

We are — primarily — a game company, but one with a variety of talents that we apply to graphic design, websites, motion graphics, and application development.

We are relatively young, having been in existence a bit over two years at this point.

We are experienced, with a combined total of 19 years of knowledge and a hand in over 40 games. We’ve worked on a variety of platforms, including Wii, DS, GBA, XBLA, PC, Mac & iOS.

We’ve done a big thing or two, with more on their way. We have tons of concepts and ideas floating around — if only time and money were infinite!

We’re currently working on a 2D action RPG full of scoundrels and princesses and hearts and shifting dungeon mazes and some cool meta-gamey nonsense. Rooms that change based on your actions, puzzles, deceptions! All with some fun physics controls; we’ll post more on this soon.

In the coming weeks we’ll be writing here more regularly, about a variety of things. This will be our devlog and art showcase, a place to share things we find neat-o and gripe about stuff that really burns our biscuits, to comment on current events and speculate about the future. Stay tuned for more updates.

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