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Delver's Drop is an evolution of the 2D Action RPG with fluid movement, snappy combat, shifting dungeons, and a rogue's gallery of character classes that can be individually leveled. With an emphasis on mystery and dynamic gameplay experiences, the game features randomization for infinite replay, enigmatic puzzle permutations to unravel, multiple narrative paths, customizable character growth, and layers of secrets to unearth.


The long history of Delver's Drop starts with our teams' first experiences on the NES, and carries through numerous design ideas built upon since our company's inception. Our game design ethos is to revive a variety of RPG formulas while making them accessible to contemporary audiences. Delver's Drop showed for the first time at the PAX Prime 2012's Indie MegaBooth. Delver's Drop is in developement for PC, Mac, and mobile, and is slated for release in 2013.


  • Immense & Unpredictable Dungeon Dive — Multiple zones of castle dungeons with sub-levels to explore. Levels will be combined from masterfully designed hand-crafted rooms and components, with randomized content and floor layouts.
  • Physics-based Hack & Slash Combat — Since all characters and enemies move and collide on a physics-based system, any interplay of attacks, traps, and magic resolve based on responsive, snazzy, and sometimes chaotic physics effects.
  • Multiple Characters & Play Styles — Play the game with one or all of the 5 character classes (some to be decided by backers!). Classes have unique speed and movement properties, weapon, special ability, and perk tree, giving each a different play style.
  • Character Growth & Customization — Gain experience as you play each class, and keep this progress through the class’s perk tree even if your current character dies. Level up if you want more flexibility, but Delver’s Drop is totally grind-free.
  • Weapons & Sub-Items — The player can find and purchase interesting and upgraded weapons for each class, as well as a large suite of expendable sub-items that are randomly spawn during each session. But items slots are limited, requiring intelligent use!
  • Puzzles & Secrets — Like many action adventure games, Delver’s Drop will feature interesting puzzles, requiring clever manipulation of dungeon elements, using physics to advantage, and resourceful usage of secondary items.


Delver's Drop Official Preview Trailer YouTube


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Delver's Drop Credits

Ryan Baker
Art, Design
Email: ryan.baker@pixelscopic.com
Twitter: ryancbaker
Skype: ryan.baker.pixelscopic

Coby Utter
Gameplay, Engine, Tools
Email: coby.utter@pixelscopic.com
Twitter: rand0mshade
Skype: coby.utter.pixelscopic

Ryan Burrell
UI, Scripting, Design
Email: ryan.burrell@pixelscopic.com
Twitter: rcburrell
Skype: ryan.burrell

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