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Delver’s Drop: Website, Greenlight, Trailer, and Kickstarter

It’s a really exciting time for all of us here at Pixelscopic. Earlier this evening (midnight CST to be exact) we launched a brand new site for Delver’s Drop , posted the game’s first official trailer, dropped the game onto Greenlight, and launched a Kickstarter!

If you are liking the looks of the game, please consider giving us an upvote on Greenlight and even backing us on Kickstarter. Every upvote and pledge helps and we are very grateful for you support.

The future is exciting!



4 wise words on “Delver’s Drop: Website, Greenlight, Trailer, and Kickstarter

  1. You guys are like GameDev Assassins with that “We strike at midnight” Business :)

    Great job guys!

    PS. I was told by an email there would be Big hugs, from the Pixelscopic Crew…

  2. Interested on said:

    I’ve had my eye on Delver’s Drop and I gotta admit, you guys are super talented. The game looks amazing! Huge congratulations on making your Kickstarter!! You all deserve it. I have never backed a kickstarter before and I really want to back Delver’s Drop, but there’s one thing holding me back. Will you be able to play as a female character in the release or any future update of Delver’s Drop?

    If you can confirm that for me within the next 26 hours before the Kickstarter ends, I will sign up and back you guys on the spot!

    Thanks a bunch, keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for the compliments, Interested :)

      In short: Yes, female characters.

      The longer answer: Some female characters. At this point in time we’re going with the plan that some classes are always female (like the Rogues) and some would always been male (say, the Gladiators). We’d like to make art for both genders for all classes, but that effectively doubles the amount of art assets we would need to create for classes. This is largely just a time-related problem, and it may boil down to a post-launch content patch.

      I hope that answers your question!

      • Interested on said:

        Holy crap that was fast! I didn’t even really respect a response! Thanks a ton for the quick answer :) Congrats, I will now go throw my money at your kickstarter! Hehe I was CONVINCED the rogue was a girl, but I couldn’t see it confirmed anywhere :)

        Seriously, lots of respect for you guys. I’ve never seen a game, still unfunded and in the kickstarter phase, looking so polished and complete. I’m sure there’s still a long way to go, but your game’s gonna rock. Thanks for being so professional and nice, keep it up!

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