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Post-PAX Report of Stupendous Proportions (Part 4)

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PAX was awesome.

It happened about a week ago, but I have to admit that going into it, I was pretty apprehensive. Not necessarily negative but definitely very nervous. This was to be my first time at PAX, my first time at a video game convention, and my first time presenting something I’d worked on to the public.

We had a pretty awesome demo to show off, especially since it was a super early build. That said, we were working on the game every moment we had during the month prior to PAX. This included any time we could find on the plane on the way to Seattle, on the day before PAX while we were supposed to be setting up the booth, and literally all the way up to the moment that the PAX floor opened up to the public.

Thankfully, all that work paid off and the game itself was received much better than any of us would have ever expected. Maybe it’s because we’re all perfectionists who are dedicated to our craft, or maybe it’s because we were all just so very exhausted and couldn’t see the awesome in what we were creating. But the people that came to our booth definitely did — so many people came to us and wanted to play the game! Everyone was excited about what we were showing and they were asking so many amazing questions. They wanted to know who made all the pretty artwork, and how the intricate physics system worked, and how a game like this is designed, and what our process was to go from raw ideas to a fully functional game. And — most importantly — they wanted to know long we’d been working on it and when they could get their hands on it.

It was a much better response than we were expecting, and honestly, I think that’s the sort of response we as a team needed. All the PAX-goers that played our game validated to our exhausted and critical eyes that the game we are working on is both awesome and worth making because there were at least a thousand people we talked to who are anticipating the game as much as we are.

Looking back on it, it all feels like it was some drug induced, sleep deprived haze. Everything happened so fast, and it was all so much more exciting and so much more fun than I could have ever expected.

I can’t wait for the next one!

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