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Post-PAX Report of Stupendous Proportions (Part 2)

Round 2. Ding.

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It’s hard to figure out where to even begin talking about the experience. Perhaps this is the easy way out of that predicament, but it seems fitting to start with “thanks.” Thank you Kelly, Firehose Games, and the other developers in the MegaBooth who allowed us the opportunity to even be at PAX.  Thank you Ben for being The Solution. Thank you Bill at Reed Expo, Rita at GES, and mysterious gentleman from Intel for the logistics and equipment. Thank you to all the attendees who stopped by, played our game, talked to us, gave us invaluable feedback, and made the show a huge success for us. A double thank you to those who came back on multiple days and tried the new builds! Thank you to the press and media folks who thought our game worth the time to cover. Thank you to Penny Arcade for throwing such an awesome event in the first place.

Most of all, thank you to the seriously hard working dudes and dudettes who are my colleagues and the deep supporting cast that make the magic possible: Ryan 1, Ryan 2,  Ankur, Nathan 1, Nathan 2, Jarrett, Renee, Lorraine, and Chelsea. You all seriously, thunderously, rock. (Thank God this is the digital age where I can append names should I erroneously forget one here.)

With the formalities out of the way, I’ve only one thing to add: I’m stupendously excited that there are plenty of other folks out there who seem to enjoy and desire the same kinds of games that we enjoy and desire and want to make. PAX was a direct injection of optimism that we sorely needed after a few years of contract game development work and seemingly sputtering internal development. Delver’s Drop development is only just now beginning to really accelerate and we’ll be working to craft something exquisitely enjoyable. Glad to have you along for the ride!

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